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The E.M.S.R. will be accepting a limited number of new applicants in April 2016. If you would like more information about becoming an EMS Reserve, please join us for our next monthly meeting.

Probationary Peroid

Once an EMS Reserve candidate has completed the membership process, attended an orientation, and has been issued a uniform, they enter a probationary period.

During the probationary period, the new EMS Reserve is assigned to a single station and shift, and given a list of skills and knowledge that must be demonstrated to their supervising firefighter paramedics. Until these skills have been demonstrated, the EMS Reserve is limited to working at that station, on that shift, so that the paramedics and EMS Reserve can work as a team to learn "the Pasadena Way." The probationary period is designed to allow the Reserve the continuity of being trained by the same crew.

Depending on the Reserve, various circumstances, and the types of calls they respond to, these skills can be demonstrated in as little as two shifts, but may take as long as six months.

Once all skills have been demonstrated, the EMS Reserve is considered to be off probation and can work at any ALS Rescue Ambulance equipped station and shift.

Prior to completing probation, new Reserves have the ability to work special events and details, gaining experience and additional training opportunities.